Engineering Curiosity Teaching Resources

Engineering Curiosity Teaching Resources

4 Feb 2021

To help you make the most of our new Engineering Curiosity cards, we have developed a full set of teaching resources, suitable for KS1-3 with flexibility for delivery both in class and at home.

Our lessons are designed to engage pupils with engineering careers in the West of England, challenging stereotypes and dispelling common myths about engineering.

They add value to your lessons by enabling students to relate the required curriculum knowledge to real-world careers and problem-solving.

You can download the packs below to run yourself in school, or complete this online booking form to request a session delivered at your school or at UWE Bristol’s purpose-built STEM classroom. All workshops are run by trained outreach coordinators and supported by local STEM Ambassadors and students.

Whole School




Our lesson plans work best with support from a local engineering ambassador. You can access pre-recorded interviews with engineers as part of the ‘meet an engineer’ playlist on the DETI Inspire YouTube channel or get in touch with us if you would like to arrange for a local STEM Ambassador to support your lessons.