Bristol-based clean air & climate change teaching material

Bristol-based clean air & climate change teaching material

13 Jul 2020

In this blog post the Bristol Clair City team introduce you to their great, evidence-based Educator Pack

Every day, air pollution and carbon emissions are produced by our daily commutes, home heating and lifestyle habits. And their impacts are disproportionately being felt by younger people – not only are they more vulnerable, as their bodies are still developing, they will have to deal with the consequences long into the future. Understanding how citizens live in different contexts, their appetite for change and the potential restrictions they see in making a shift toward greener lifestyles, is therefore crucial to moving the debate forward so we can guarantee a better trajectory for our children.

The ClairCity project

Over the last four years, ClairCity has engaged with schools and young people across Europe to include the youth voice in clean air and carbon management decision-making processes. Over 1,750 children were involved in schools’ lessons, assemblies, science festivals, mobile games and even webinars, to increase their awareness and ask them what they would like to see change in their city or region. The locations involved were: Amsterdam (NL), the Aveiro Region (PT), Bristol (UK), the Liguria Region (IT), Ljubljana (SL) and Sosnowiec (PL).

287 children took part in My City, My School, My Home, a ClairCity initiative that allowed pupils to gather evidence about air quality and carbon emissions locally, propose policies to improve their area and compare their future cityscapes – generated through a computer model – with other children to spark meaningful debates around trade-offs. Most teams (>80%) were in favour of modernization in energy systems and bus fleets, energy efficiency, and soft measures.

 Educator pack

Through these engagements with children and young people, and from invaluable feedback from teachers, the ClairCity team were able to refine their lesson plans and graphically design their most successful resources for continued use by educators across Europe. Over 900 children took part in primary schools’ activities in Bristol, and almost 800 in Aveiro, Portugal.  So far our resources have been featured twice in the British Science Association’s annual British Science Week schools pack (primary in 2019 and secondary in 2020) and on Sustainable Learning’s website, and have been shared among various schools networks and eco-clubs. We hope you too will make use of these resources and continue to share them far and wide.

The My City… initiative has now been turned into an analogue version and it, together with all of the ClairCity materials, can now be found in our nifty Educator Pack (high resolution version available upon request). Some of the highlights include Clean Air Top Trump Cards and Postcards children can fill out and send to people of influence, both of which can also be found as separate files on the ClairCity website.

On the dedicated Educators page, you’ll also find a PowerPoint to deliver an awareness-raising assembly on these issues, and a ‘fact and act’ sheet to print out and share with your students. There are even some great infographic posters that you can print, detailing all you need to know about air pollution and climate change – both the problems and solutions!

Clair City Educator Pack

In the coming weeks we will be releasing a STEM club pack specifically for Bristol-based schools, so stay tuned for that announcement on social media! And if you would like to learn more, either in terms of the policies put forward by citizens, or how you and your community can act, then head to our website:

Sophie Laggan, Communications Coordinator, ClairCity (