Bristol Crushes Video

Bristol Crushes Video

20 Apr 2017

In April, a team of researchers from the University of Bristol received funding from Google to research how we can better code video information so that it moves more quickly and efficiently over the internet.

It’s thought that by 2020 over 80% of all internet traffic will be video based. That’s a lot of buffering to put up with if we don’t learn how to send video more quickly and efficiently over the internet!

Want to help children learn to code so they can help build the internet of the future? Teachers can book on to this CPD course being held in Bristol on 19th May which is all about Scratch programming. And there’s also Code Club, a network that teachers and volunteers can be part of which is helping teach children to code.

The researchers are based at the Bristol Vision Institute (BVI). The BVI brings together people from all sorts of disciplines – medicine, computer science, psychology, art, engineering, television – and gets them researching vision, the creative arts and how brains deal with visual information. So you see, STEM can be so much more than just white coats and test tubes!