Curiosity Connected!

Curiosity Connected!

19 May 2017

17th May 2017 and around 40 teachers, STEM Ambassadors and others with a keen interest gathered at UWE’s Future Space to talk STEM activities in primary schools around Bristol. This was the first outing for Curiosity Connections and it was a busy evening!

The event began with a run down from Laura Fogg-Rogers and Liz Lister on where the network came from and what the aims are, and a brief run through of what the website had to offer.

Then time for a lightning round of introductions – teachers from several Bristol-region primary schools, representatives from UWE, University of Bristol, MOD, Team Leidos, plus STEM Ambassadors from around the area got to identify who else was in the network, what they were looking for and what they could offer.

And then… network! It’s something some people are born to do and comes more difficultly to others but wow! This network can talk! And we are now very much looking forward to turning some of that talk into some brilliant actions.

Thank you all for coming! Keep in touch!!