Altered Ocean Exhibit

Altered Ocean Exhibit

16 May 2019

The Royal Photographic Society have an exhibition on that explores the issue of marine plastic pollution in photographs.

Exhibit runs – 4th April – 23rd June

Where – Royal Photographic Society House, 337 Paintworks, Bristol, BS4 3AR


Plastic and scientific samples allow the visitor to engage fully with the current critical issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. The work shows the power of photography to communicate, educate and inform, but above all it will further help to create awareness by altering human behaviour, and ultimately empower change.

Read more here.

And tonight, 6.30pm – 8.30pm there is a teachers evening!

Teachers and lecturers will hear from the artist about her work and check out the exhibition, which is especially relevant to the curriculum and projects based around photography, art, plastics, seas and the environment.

So why not check out the exhibition at another time and feed what you learn from the exhibit into your lessons?