An invitiation for your pupils to share their science

An invitiation for your pupils to share their science

17 Jan 2020

Edit – We’re hoping this year’s event will go ahead on Tuesday 16th June. But whether or not gatherings are allowed, if you plan on challenging your kids, sign up to the event and I’ll be in contact to find out what your class is up to. And if the event is cancelled, you can set them the task of communicating their findings on the blog.

And this year the Great Science Share has a sustainability theme – so you could use some of the resources recently highlighted in a Curiosity CPD talk – find the talks here.


Students from across the region in Years 4 to 8, are invited to attend the Great Science Share at UWE Bristol to share their science investigations.

The Great Science Share challenges kids to pose their own question to then scientifically investigate. Last year there was a huge variety of questions posed from: how can we reduce the plastic we use in our school? to how can we fit an egg into a bottle without breaking it? See some photos of investigations from the 2019 Bristol and Bath Great Science Share below.

It’s an opportunity to nurture your classes’ curiosity, promoting child-centred learning and giving pupils a chance to communicate their projects in a non-competitive, inclusive environment.

Sign up now to the 2020 Bristol and Bath satellite event on Tuesday 16th June at UWE Bristol’s Exhibition and Conference Centre (BS16 1ZG).

We’re planning to run the event in a similar format to last year, with children sharing their investigations in the morning and then taking part in outreach science activities in the afternoon. But we want to expand on last year’s success, with more schools and new exciting activities…

And this year’s theme is sustainability!

We’ll let you know more in the next couple of months, but for the moment, why not sign up and get your kids asking questions and planning investigations?

You can read more about the Great Science Share, access the inspiration wall and find out how you can support your class’ project on the annual campaign website.

UWE Bristol is hosting the Bristol and Bath Great Science Share in association with Curiosity Connections Bristol, Bath Spa University, and the Association for Science Education West.