Antimicrobial Resistance Education Meeting

Antimicrobial Resistance Education Meeting

4 Dec 2018

e-Bug is a free educational programme operated by Public Health England that teaches children and young people about infection control, hygiene and antibiotics. And they’re holding a two day meeting to celebrate a decade of e-Bug while showcasing current and emerging trends and technologies in the teaching of antimicrobial resistance, microbiology and infection prevention and control.

Its on 17 – 18th January 2019 in London.

The meeting will include talks, interactive workshops and case studies from e-Bug partners. The themes of the meeting are:

  • innovating education on antimicrobial resistance and infection prevention
  • widening e-Bug implementation across Europe and internationally

You can register here

Who should attend

  • e-Bug partners and collaborators
  • science and health educators in schools and communities
  • researchers working on antimicrobial resistance and infection prevention and control
  • science communicators

Read more about the meeting here!

The e-Bug project was formally established in 2009 by a consortium of 18 European countries, partly funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANCO) and 2019 will mark its tenth anniversary.