Become a STATWARRIOR® School with STATWARS® Competition

Become a STATWARRIOR® School with STATWARS® Competition

20 Oct 2020

In celebration of World Statistics Day this Tuesday 20th October, we would like to introduce you to the annual STATWARS® competition from Primary Engineer.

STATWARS® is a data project, with multiple curriculum links to science, mathematics, computing, engineering as well as English and even geography, open to primary and secondary school pupils.

Once registered, you will have access to free teaching resources including lesson plans, activity sheets and video tutorials to unlock the value of data, as well as live interviews with data experts and skills sessions from experts.

The engagement with data specialists and industry professionals in the competition allows pupils multiple opportunities to learn about data, careers and the skills that are valued in the workplace.

There are two challenges to take part in:

Climate Change Challenge asks pupils to use data to identify 3 things they can commit to changing about their everyday life that will reduce their carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

Film and TV asks pupils to use data to create a successful film or TV programme.

Both the STATWARS® Climate Change Challenge and STATWARS® Film & TV Challenge allow pupils to:

  • Develop their understanding of the topic and the importance of data
  • Engage with industry professionals to inspire them to find out more
  • Collect and analyse data to help develop ideas and make decisions
  • Engage in research to develop their ideas
  • Create a data driven infographic which highlights the choices they have made
  • Create a poster which will either advertise or persuade others
  • Create a 60 second pitch or showcase of their ideas, using their infographic and poster

The STATWARS®: Climate Change Challenge empowers and educates young people to tackle climate change, by providing a project that delivers meaningful and engaging mathematics, numeracy, science, and data handling skills to pupils. They are required to understand, use and justify their use of quantitative and qualitative data, by seeking out and explaining patterns and relationships.


  1. Identify 3 changes they can personally commit to in their daily lives to lower their own carbon footprint.
  2. Design an infographic of their three pledges with an explanation of the data used to influence the decisions with visual charts and graphs.
  3. Create a poster designed to encourage others to make one or all three of the pledges.

The STATWARS® Film & TV Challenge encourages young people to engage with data by designing a film or TV series based on data, while  encouraging pupils to apply mathematics not just creatively, but logically, to collect, analyse and present data, in addition to drawing on their own personal experiences of what makes great entertainment.


  1. Design a poster advertising the film or TV series you have created, designed to appeal to its demographic audience
  2. Communicate through infographics, the data used to influence the decisions made.
  3. Produce a 60-second film to ‘elevator pitch’ their idea to the judging panel.

For more information or to register for a STATWARS® challenge, visit