Engineers – come along and be inspired by children’s inventions – 6th April

Engineers – come along and be inspired by children’s inventions – 6th April

9 Mar 2023

On Thursday 6th April – local STEM Ambassadors in Engineering are invited to pop along to GKN Aerospace Global Technology Centre for an hour (or as long as you want) to take a look at some of the intriguing inventions school children have been coming up with.

Children all over the country are currently furiously scribbling designs – all intended to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. They are entering those ideas into the Leaders Award – and thousands of those entries will turn up at GKN (one of the Leaders Awards partners in the South West) for grading by our lovely local engineers.

Grading isn’t an onerous process – quite the opposite – you’ll simply be flicking through some drawings and putting the most interesting/credible ideas through to be shortlisted. Whilst being looked after by the lovely Leaders Award and GKN teams.

Every year grading participants really enjoy the experience and leave feeling inspired and intrigued by ideas such as, solar powered blankets or a variable light braking system on cars.

When: Thursday 6th April – drop in sessions – come along whenever suits you

Location: GKN Aerospace Global Technology Centre, Taurus Road, Patchway, Bristol, Patchway, England – BS34 6FB

Contact:  sign up here – as the team would like to know how many people to expect

You can see the Leaders Award process below – all starting with the challenge “If you were an engineer, what would you do?” Step 6 – grading is where you would be helping out.

Something inspirational from last year’s event

For engineer Darren Kewley, from the MOD, he returns year after year to these grading days to hear the stories.”I think my favourite part is seeing their personal stories come through – the real world problems they face and seeing them apply engineering to fix those problems.”

One example that particularly struck him – “One child explained how their Gran was in hospital and it broke their heart to see the problems she was facing. They explained in the letter that they hadn’t known what to do, but after hearing about this competition, realised that engineering could help.”

The kids taking part in this competition have got it – Engineering solves problems and can help make the world a better place!

Please come along to help the children taking part in this project!