Find out about the woman inventor who mentored Brunel

30 Oct 2018

SARAH GUPPY was the first woman to patent a bridge — in 1811, and she lived here in Bristol. Her design was never built, but twenty years later Sarah mentored a young IK Brunel with his winning entry for that Clifton Bridge Competition!

Go along to the play at The Hen & Chicken in Bedminster, on Tue 6th/Wed 7th November, 8.30pm and hear this inspiring lady’s story.

Sarah Guppy showing

Sarah Guppy was an engineer, inventor, campaigner, reformer, environmentalist and business woman – and light years ahead of her time. Born in Birmingham in 1770 – as the Industrial Revolution revved its engine – she moved to Bristol in 1795, to marry merchant Samuel Guppy. Her other patents included a breakfast machine and an exercise bed. She had six children and married her second husband at the age of 66 – when he was 31.

You can book tickets here and see how the local Show of Strength theatre company have dramatised such an intriguing lady.

You can read more about Sarah in the feature in Tuesday 23rd October Bristol Post.