Free sessions on Life and Health Sciences for local primary students

Free sessions on Life and Health Sciences for local primary students

4 Apr 2019

The University of Bristol are providing free interactive Inspire Roadshows – bringing the world of science to life for primary age children Yrs 1-6.  The shows are a fab enrichment experience and complement the KS1 and KS2 science modules on:

  • Living Things
  • Animals Including Humans
  • Living things and Habitats
  • Working Scientifically

The team from the University of Bristol bring exciting kits and equipment to enable your students to gain an insight into a range of biomedical subject areas through interactive and hands on activities. And your pupils will get to meet and speak to real scientists, getting a sense of how what they are learning in the classroom relates to real-life biological processes and functions.

Roadshows cover all Biomedical subject areas including: physiology, neuroscience, psychology, cellular medicine and immunity, biochemistry, anatomy and biological sciences.  

Usually between 45-60 mins in length, the Roadshows can be run in the classroom or assembly hall, depending on the chosen topic and student numbers.

If you would like to arrange a school visit, please complete the Roadshow Booking Form or for more information please contact:, T: 0117 33 11888.

For further information please see

Benefits include:

For the Child: The opportunity to engage with an active scientist or researcher. The sessions are designed to be interactive, great fun and very informative!

For the School: To get to use different scientific equipment that enhances learning and to foster a relationship with the University that goes beyond the event itself.

For the Scientist: The chance to enthuse and excite young people about their own subject or research area.