POSTPONED! Got some questions about teaching Space?

POSTPONED! Got some questions about teaching Space?

23 Jan 2020

When: 26th March, 17:30 – 19:00

Where: M Shed (Studio 2), Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd, BS1 4RN (map link)

What: The what, why and how of…Space!

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Each talk in our Primary Science Curiosity Booster series, aims to top up teachers’s knowledge of tricky curriculum topics while also linking to the city’s culturally relevant links.

The what, why & how of…Space!

In this final event in our series, Robert Massey, deputy director of the Royal Astronomical Society will highlight the bigger picture – like what humans are currently finding out in the void, and what exciting missions are coming up!

Then Ben Brown and Shaaron Leverment from Explorer Dome, Bristol will use their 21 years of experience going into schools and talking about space, to provide some practical advice on how to inspire everyone, answer those tricky space questions and correct common misconceptions.

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You’re also invited along to our other two Curiosity Booster talks on the Human Impact on the Environment and Evolution. And please print off copies of this Curiosity Boosters School Poster and circulate in your schools.