South West Great Science Share Fair!

South West Great Science Share Fair!

8 Mar 2022

Pupils from Years 4-8 from across Bristol, South Glos, BANES and North Somerset, are all invited to share their own science investigations at this Great Science Share Fair.

The aim of the Great Science Share is to nurture kids’ natural curiosity by providing an opportunity for them to pose a scientific question, plan a way to investigate their question, and then share their investigation with new audiences.  This promotes child-centred learning as well as giving children a chance to communicate their projects in a non-competitive, inclusive environment. 

You can read more about the Great Science Share, access some great resources and find out how you can support your class’ project on the annual campaign website. So have a read and  sign up your class to take part in the South West Great Science Share Fair event on Tuesday 14th June 10-2pm, hosted by UWE Bristol, School of Engineering, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol, BS16 1QY. 

What will the day look like?

The event will begin with a Science Share Fair, with pupils displaying their own investigations for others to see and explore. You can display your investigation in any way that you like, a poster, a live demonstration, an interactive activity – it’s totally up to you. Your pupils will have the opportunity to show off their investigation and take a look at the investigations from other classes and schools. 

Scientists and engineers from STEM research and industry will also be attending this free event – there to be inspired by your children’s fantastic questions and ideas, as well as to display cutting-edge technology from their own industries.  

Alongside the Science Share Fair, there will also be some structured activities delivered by our own Education Coordinators and supported by UWE Student Ambassadors. These STEM sessions will be linked to this year’s Great Science Share theme of Climate Change.

And so you can get a taste of the fun to come, here are some photos from our last Great Science Share event!