STEM Ambassadors wanted for careers panel discussion with a twist!

STEM Ambassadors wanted for careers panel discussion with a twist!

25 Jan 2022

The STEM Ambassador hub for the West of England have partnered with the Institution of Engineering and Technology to host a series of online events in March 2022, and are looking for volunteers to take part.

The goal for What’s My Line

To enthuse Further Education (FE) tutors with the diversity of STEM activity happening in the region and inspired by the career opportunities available for their students in modern STEM workplaces.

The role of the Guest

We are looking for people to be Guests in an online STEM Careers panel discussion with an element of surprise – can participants guess what you do, where you work or who you work for based on a few clues provided to them prior to the event?

There are 6 events in total with each one linked to an industry of interest to the region. As a Guest you will take part in the event most closely aligned to what you do.

We want the participants to be curious before they arrive, and then be inspired by what you tell and show them. You will provide some clues beforehand about what you do, that we will use to help raise awareness of the events amongst tutors. On the night you will have some time to go into more details: What is the impact of your work? Who does it help? How cool is it? How important is it? How much satisfaction do you get from it? Why should young people care about it? What’s the future of it?

We also want to know about sustainability, about how you are responding to the declared climate emergency, how your work contributes to reducing carbon emissions and helping societies work towards becoming carbon net zero.

You can just talk, but audio-visual additions are welcome too. You can take part from wherever you think is most appropriate, as long as you have a reliable connection to the internet.

Line Up

We have the following events scheduled, each running on Zoom from 4pm – 5:30pm:

  • Tuesday 15th March: Advanced Manufacturing
  • Thursday 17th March: Construction
  • Tuesday 22nd March: Life Sciences
  • Thursday 24th March: Healthcare
  • Tuesday 29th March: Computing & Digital
  • Thursday 31st March: Cyber Security

What Next?

If you are interested in becoming a Guest then please contact with a brief description of who you work for and what work you do, and indicate which event(s) you think you would be a good fit for. The organisers will then follow up with you to confirm participation.