STEM communicators sign up to talk to children about your speciality

STEM communicators sign up to talk to children about your speciality

24 Jan 2019

Engage school students with your work for British Science Week!

I’m a Scientist and I’m an Engineer are online STEM engagement competitions that get people in science and engineering (researchers, technicians, managers… everyone!) talking with curious school students.

This March, there are places for people related to drug development, psychology, nuclear physics, water science, organs, space engineering, energy engineering, plus general zones for all disciplines in I’m a Scientist. Read more about all the zones.

The events take place 4–15 March for British Science Week 2019:

Apply for I’m a Scientist at

Apply for I’m an Engineer at

(and apply for both if your role fits!)

“The format was so much fun to be involved in. The mix of science- and career-based questions along with those of a rather more off-beat nature kept it feeling dynamic and enjoyable.” David, geneticist

Taking part is an enjoyable and easy way to get involved in STEM engagement. You’ll develop your communication skills and gain a fresh perspective on your work, all while showing students that science and engineering roles can be for them.

Fill in your profile page, answer questions and use the text-based chat system with UK school students. Everything happens online; you take part from your desk or smartphone. There’s no need to prepare activities or take time out of the office or lab. Even better, students vote for their favourite scientist or engineer, who wins £500 to fund more engagement activities.

Find out more and apply by Monday 28th January at &

Any questions, contact or call 01225 326 892