The Leaders Award Competition

The Leaders Award Competition

17 Jan 2022

Ever wondered whether you could design something to make the world a better place?

This year you can give your class the opportunity to be inspired by real-life engineers, think up new inventions to solve real-world problems, and enter them into a nationwide competition. Winners might even have their inventions built by a team at UWE Bristol!

The Leaders Award competition is the brainchild of Primary Engineer, who each year use the challenge “If you were an engineer, what would you do?” to prod children’s imagination into gear. And then use live online interviews with amazing engineers, to really get their curious minds firing on all cylinders.

An easy one for Science Week – ticking that box for exposure to STEM careers.

Register your school for the competition at

The deadline for submissions is 23rd March!

Children between ages 3-19 years can enter – and two regional winners from each age category are selected by local engineers.

The winners are then invited to an awards ceremony, where winning and shortlisted designs will all be displayed. And SAVE THE DATE – they’ll be a free family fun STEM activity day at UWE on 25th June with all those designs up for the public to see.

Children’s designs built in previous years

In 2018 – Philippa Griffiths of Hugh Sexey CE Middle School in Somerset, designed the Red Line Braking System (RLBS) – a braking display that shows a varied level of red light depending on the pressure applied to the brakes – the idea being to alert other drivers to the severity of the braking and so reduce fatalities on our roads.

A team of engineers at UWE Bristol, then made Philippa’s design into a reality and installed it on a remote-control car – seen here at the 2019 award ceremony.

Get one of your pupils’ ideas made into a reality – enter the competition –