KS2 Leaders Award Winners 2019

KS2 Leaders Award Winners 2019

26 Jul 2019

And the second of two posts on the winning inventions from the Leaders Award – all taken straight from the imagination of key stage two children in answer to the question: “If I was an engineer, what would I do?”

Year 3 winners

Leaders_Awards-137               Leaders_Awards-143

  • Finlay Hewitt from Kings’ Forest Primary School has designed the Lego Detector and Projector. The design is meant to scan the Lego pieces that you’re trying to find. Once located, a light shines in the spot and beeps. The projector works by typing what you want to build and projects onto a large board so you know how to build it.
  • Mary Mulligan from Deerhurst and Apperley C of E Primary School who has designed the Electric Blanket which helps all the homeless and poor people. It helps to keep them warm on the coldest of days.

Year 4 winners

Leaders_Awards-118               Leaders_Awards-122

  • Eveie Thomas from Hillcrest Primary School has designed the Surveillance Parrot which stops hunters from hunting rare species. The design spies on hunters and if they’re up to no good, sends an alarm to the World Wildlife Foundation to come and remove the hunter.
  • Finley Strange from Trinity CE Primary School has designed the Emergency Signalling Device. This design aids emergency services by passing traffic. The invention tells people where to pull over, using indicators so drivers will not stop in the middle of the road.

Year 5 winners

  • Lewis Parker from Walford Primary School has designed the Energy Efficient Floating Arms. This invention will solve world-wide starvation as global warming is destroying crops all over the world. The floating arms will move the farms to the best location in the world for maximum growth.
  • Leaders_Awards-116Ralph Thompson from Westbury on Trym Academy has designed the Sounds and Senses Frame. This helps people who have memory problems, including dementia. The photo frame has three objects to assist with memory and contains a speaker where you can relay information about the objects. You can also spray a familiar smell which may help the person remember certain things.

Year 6 winners

Leaders_Awards-125              Leaders_Awards-120

  • Eloise Bird from Hillcrest Primary School has designed the Home Drone. The drone is used to help secure your property. It flies around the house to ensure everything is under control and there are no burglars. Once the drone sees movement, it hides and starts recording, sending an alert to your phone.
  • Mae Campbell from Christ Church School has designed the Water Powered Car. The car is water powered to help alleviate emissions which can be harmful. The vehicle will not release any harmful gases and will not contribute to global warming or climate change.