Chemistry Grants Available!

Chemistry Grants Available!

6 Dec 2019


The Royal Society of Chemistry currently has funding open to support public and schools engagement events and activities. The outreach fund has two pots of money:

  • Small grants (from £500 to £2,000)
  • Large grants (from £2,000 to £10,000)

Deadline is noon on Monday 13th January.

School Activities

The grant scheme is open to both members and non-members in the UK and ROI to support school activities that aim to:

  • enrich student’s chemistry education and not solely deliver the curriculum – providing students with opportunities to explore chemistry through local contexts


  • demonstrate career opportunities and develop employability skills


  • provide opportunities which would not normally be accessible to the students taking part, e.g for hard-to-reach student audiences.

So you could apply for a grant to bring in one of the South West’s brilliant local science communicators, like Matthew Tosh, Hands on Science or Explorer Dome – see the full local listing here.


Public engagement activities

Grants will be awarded to public engagement activities that:

  • increase chemists’ visibility as approachable people


  • increase the publics’ confidence in discussing chemistry


  • demonstrate the relevance of chemistry to everyday interests and concerns


Apply here!

For further information and to apply, please visit or get in touch with Geri Kitley (Member Engagement Executive at the RSC) <kitleyg@RSC.ORG>
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 432200