Curiosity Connections Conference 2017

Curiosity Connections Conference 2017

15 Dec 2017

This annual conference provides an opportunity for anyone with an interest in inspiring primary STEM education in the Bristol region to get together and share their expertise. In 2017, the conference was held next to Concorde at Aerospace Bristol.

The packed conference programme provided professional development opportunities for all who came. Nearly 60 delegates participated in the day, with professional backgrounds ranging from primary science teachers, STEM communication providers, STEM Ambassadors and local employers.

The keynote talk from Professor Justin Dillon set the tone for the day, with a whistle-stop tour of the opportunities learning outside the classroom can bring to STEM education. This was followed by talks from primary science teachers and education trainers on what teachers need from science communication. The talks emphasised our links with the Primary Science Teaching Trust, and the Association for Science Education West of England.

The day was concluded in a suitably explosive fashion thanks to Explorer Dome who wowed the audience with their demonstrations of states of matter.

The full programme of all our presenters and science communication specialists can be found here.