Engineering Curiosity

Engineering Curiosity

25 Jan 2021

Engineering Curiosity is a set of 52 ‘top-trump’ style cards, each themed on a real-life local engineer from the West of England region. Through the cards, children can explore the diversity of engineering, its people, skills and future career opportunities.

The Engineering Curiosity card set can be used to play several games, and with accompanying lesson plans and curriculum-linked worksheets, can be easily integrated into your STEM or cross-curricular activities.

If you would like to connect your pupils with real-life local engineers, the DETI Inspire team at UWE Bristol are offering FREE workshops delivered by trained outreach coordinators and supported by local STEM Ambassadors and students, for all West of England schools.

Complete this online booking form to request your free workshop.

We also have free packs of cards available for every state school in the West of England area – get in touch if you would like to receive a pack!

Each of the digital cards below comes with a short video for you to watch, made by local engineers, which tells the story of their engineering journey so far. You can find the full playlist of videos on our YouTube channel.














Engineering Curiosity is a new engineering themed resource developed for KS2&3 pupils by the DETI Inspire programme at UWE Bristol, in partnership with My Future My Choice.
My Future My Choice specialise in creating engaging activities and resources for schools, which introduce children and young people to the vast range of exciting opportunities available for their future.
The Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) initiative is investing in the future of digital engineering skills across the West of England.