Have you got an engineering project you want help with?

Have you got an engineering project you want help with?

7 Nov 2018

The Department of Engineering Design and Mathematics at UWE Bristol is launching a new module called Engineering in the Community. This Group Project Challenge aims to set some real-world challenges for the engineering students on our Postgraduate Diploma course. The students will work in groups to come up with a design solution to a community problem, and may even make a prototype.

We are now looking for community groups with problems to solve.

Would you like a nature or rain garden area for your school?

Do you need technology ideas for citizen groups?

Do you need help with structural or civil issues on your site?

Get in touch to see if you could be one of our community partners. As part of their Group Project Challenge students will work with your community group to design an engineering solution to your problem. Contact laura.foggrogers@uwe.ac.uk to register your interest and find more information here: Engineering in the community.

Blog post was originally posted on the Engineering our Future blog, written by Dr. Laura Fogg-Rogers, for more information visit https://blogs.uwe.ac.uk/engineering/