How does our clothing impact people and planet?

How does our clothing impact people and planet?

22 Apr 2022

Sustainable Threads is a series of engaging and fun lesson plans designed for KS2 and 3, available for free on the Global Goals Centre Resource Hub.

About this resource

Eight lesson plans and related activities that support the online game Threads that can be played to introduce the subject of fast fashion. These resources provide a fresh approach to learning about the connections between clothing as an essential part of everyday life, global environmental change and climate and social justice. 

This resource is ideal for teachers to use in the classroom – or families to explore and share. It is easy to use, providing accessible information alongside activities promoting discussion and critical thinking to support the young people of today as they begin to make choices about the clothes they buy and wear. 

Threads lesson outlines

Why we recommend this resource

With rising numbers of young people reporting eco-anxiety, this resource is a great way to help young people understand and make informed choices about clothing and the fashion industry. The resources are research-informed, tested by teachers and evaluated by pupils.