How the Royal Society of Chemistry Supports Primary Learning

How the Royal Society of Chemistry Supports Primary Learning

25 Sep 2019

Did you know that the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) runs free primary workshops and provides curriculum linked primary resources?

The RSC’s Education website has a dedicated primary area with over 180 resources to support the teaching of chemistry-relevant sections of various primary curricula.

There is supporting information for most of the primary resources – linking them to the curriculum, with ideas for how to use in the classroom and practical advice.


Try out the Science Ideas Webs – linking science with history topics e.g. have you ever thought about the chemistry, biology and physics of the Vikings?

Or Colour Chemistry – use this set of five experiments to explore colour and help children develop observational skills.

And if you want resources which link to specific curriculum statements, you can find what you need on the mapping documents made for the English, Scottish and Welsh curricula.

“The material from the Royal Society of Chemistry is really useful for highlighting to me where chemistry can fit in with the world around us, helping me to identify the chemistry in everyday objects, giving me ideas of contexts through which we can explore scientific phenomena.” – Claire Seeley (Teacher, PSQM hub leader and Primary Education Consultant)


The RSC team of regional Education Coordinators can support groups of schools by running free workshops. If you’d like to attend a workshop in your area see what’s coming up on the events page or invite the South West’s local Education Coordinator – Beth Anderson (

Financial Support

The RSC support Primary Science Quality Mark by collaborating on initiatives and also directly assisting selected hubs with £600 bursaries to provide additional CPD.