Looking for Engineering lesson ideas?

Looking for Engineering lesson ideas?

22 Jan 2019

Now that 2018, the Year of Engineering, has come to an end, how can we keep embedding the E in STEM into teaching and learning?

The Year of Engineering website has a dedicated Lesson Ideas page, which brings together a large collection of resources which can be filtered by age range, format, curriculum link and length. The Primary resources can be found here: https://www.yearofengineering.gov.uk/lesson-ideas/primary-resources

Ideas range from lessons on combustion, to game design, sports safety, space exploration and much more…

You can also access general resources, such as the What is Engineering? video below, the Marvel More Heroes Needed aptitude test and an engineering activities map.

Post adapted from the Engineering our Future blog  written by Laura Hobbs, originally published on 8th Jan 2019.