New UK Climate Hub Resources Available!

New UK Climate Hub Resources Available!

4 May 2021

The Climate Hub allows users to easily search, find and share new climate change activities, resources and events for free, making it easier for us collectively to engage the public with climate science and drive the change we need.

The goal is to inspire more people and organisations to shine a light on climate change, and to empower people to make more substantial carbon reductions in their schools, communities, organisations and homes.

Some of our favourite resources for schools include this air pollution game, make your own wind turbine activity, build a bug house activity sheet and a great cloud spotting activity!

Climate Change is also the theme of the Great Science Share this year. If you’re interested in exploring the topic of Climate Change further with pupils at your school, then why not take part and share your scientific questions and explorations! For more information and to register your school for free, visit this page.