Pollution Solution Activity for kids

Pollution Solution Activity for kids

19 Nov 2018

Most of the time you can’t see the pollutants present in air, this activity helps children to think about the air they breathe.

Pollution solution is an activity that’s super quick for teachers and outreach volunteers to prep for, just 5 minutes to get the bits and bobs ready. And it also includes the description of a bunch of really easy ways to extend the activity and get kids thinking about solutions to air pollution and even writing a letter to local MPs.

Read the details below.

Pollution Sollution

Pollution Solution is just one of the many great activities that have been compiled by the British Science Association into packs for science week. And we’ll be featuring more of these activities on the blog in weeks to come…

This activity was provided by ClairCity, a project based at UWE Bristol that enables people from cities across Europe to decide the best local options for a future with clean air and lower carbon emissions.

Print out the Pollution Solution page here: Pollution Sollution activity

Read about Clair City’s success in taking activities like these into schools here.

And download the rest of the activity pack here.