Radio clips for kids explores bugs in the body

Radio clips for kids explores bugs in the body

15 Nov 2018

Hallux again

Check out these series of radio clips that explain antibiotics use, microbes and the immune system for children – “Professor Hallux’s kaleidoscopic antibiotic“. In the clips a special nanobot shrinks down and explores bugs in a body.

Why not use these clips in your classroom or  in your science communication outreach this week?

Public Health England’s e-Bug team that produce educational resources, have developed these clips along with fun kids: The aim to help parents and teachers to talk to children about antibiotics.

“This collaboration has led to a series of fantastical radio clips which are very funny, and will fire up the visual imagination of children around how our body fights viruses and bacteria,” said Dr. Cliodna McNulty, Head Public Health England Primary Care Unit.