Activities to spark the gift of curiosity

Activities to spark the gift of curiosity

15 Apr 2020

Want to get your class doing something hands on while they’re stuck at home?

Try this website for an extensive list of fun science activities – Gift of Curiosity

The activities are sorted according to different themes, whether that’s colours, states of matter, seasonal activities or those that use baking soda and vinegar!

It’s all there, waiting to help keep your kids learning, whilst having a lot of hands-on fun.

While we can't typically see germs without a microscope, this hands-on activity helps kids visualize germs on their hands and see how they can easily spread from person to person or from a person to an object. This activity also helps kids see the importance of washing hands with soap and water (rather than water alone). #handsonlearning #humanbody #science #STEM #STEAM #kindergarten #giftofcuriosity || Gift of Curiosity

Here’s one about how germs spread – warning though – it involves lots of glitter!



And this one’s cool, it uses a paper cut out and a light to show how hurricanes form – see video below.