STEM Learning Resources

STEM Learning Resources

23 Nov 2018

STEM Learning provide free resources for teaching STEM subjects – they have over 1300 Engineering teaching resources alone.

They also give support to STEM clubs – “a powerful and enjoyable way to engage young people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.” This includes working with club leaders to develop engaging and easy-to-use resources for STEM Clubs around the  country to use.

“How can STEM help us survive and thrive? Have your students ever wondered about the earth’s wild and wonderful weather? How about the science involved in surviving an asteroid impact?”

 These and other questions are posed by a set of six new STEM Clubs resources, adding to those already available.

The six new resources are:

  • Extreme elements (7-9 years)
  • Sounds amazing! (9-11 years)
  • Survive an asteroid impact (11-14 years)
  • Survive on a desert island (11-14 years)
  • Survive a zombie apocalypse (11-14 years)
  • Save the world with STEM (14-16 years)

Asteroid Impact‘, ‘Desert Island‘ and ‘Zombie Apocalypse‘ specifically link to Engineering. Take a look if you need some ideas!

This blog post was originally posted by Laura Hobbs on the Engineering our Future blog on 13/11/18, for more information visit