Tree survey with REAL scientists!

Tree survey with REAL scientists!

9 Oct 2017

The DRY Project (Drought Risk and You) lead by the University of the West of England, Bristol takes a pioneering approach to better understand drought by bringing together a unique blend of science and stories in drought risk decision-making across seven river catchments in the UK.

In addition to many other elements, the DRY project is investigating the impacts of drought and climate change on trees in the UK.

School participation in the DRY Project provided an opportunity for students to assist and work with scientists by gathering valuable data in their local area for our national Tree Survey. The activities are related to a range of learning objectives relevant to the national curriculum including Science, Geography and Mathematics and promoted scientific enquiry, inquisitive minds and encourages time spent outdoors.



  • Students learn tree identification skills and about the impacts of climate change and drought on tree ecology.
  • Students find out how to collect measurements on tree characteristics and contribute data to a national survey using methods employed by scientists.
  • Students map a local environment and input data online on the tree species they have identified and monitored.


Lesson plans for Key Stage 1 and 2, the Tree Survey manual and monitoring forms are available from the DRY website (


For more information, contact Dr Margarida Sardo, Science Communication Unit, University of the West of England,┬áBristol –