Sharing science from home

Sharing science from home

24 Apr 2020

Last year loads of local school children came along to the SouthWest Great Science Share hosted at UWE Bristol, and this year, although the face-to-face event might be cancelled, we still want to share all the weird and wonderful things your class’ are getting up to at home.

And we’ll be using this blog as a local and nationwide sharing forum!

It’s all about student led investigations – so a great independent-learning task to set your class’ at home!

  • Start by getting your students to write down some of the questions they have about the world they see about them (there’s lots of guidance on the Great Science Share website as to how to guide the best kind of scientific quesitons and new weekly themes being launched in May to provide inspiration!)
  • Then pick a couple of the best questions from the class and get them to brain storm ways to investigate (this is a great opportunity to get the kids thinking scientificially – will it be a fair test? what do they predict will happen? – and get some art in there – they could draw their plans)
  • Kick off those home investigations (encourage them to take lots of photos to share!)
  • And finally set the kid’s the task of writing up their investigation for this blog – then I can share it on twitter (@BrisPrimarySTEM) where I’ll tag in @GreatScienceShare – for other kids across the country to see

You can see a blog post written by a student last year – A ‘cracking’ project for the Great Science Share

The scheme is open to parents/carers, families, teachers and STEM organisations – just register here to let central Great Science Share know your taking part.

Ideas ideas

This year the official theme is sustainability – so you could inspire your kids by having them look at the sustainable development goals (they’re some activities themed around these goals here).

But the central hub are coming up with all sorts of ways of other ways to create fun and engaging ways to take part:

  • keep an eye on the Great Science Share inspiration wall
  • perhaps get your kids to pose a question on the #AskAQuestion blog (or maybe get them watching the videos posted there)
  • or instruct them to watch Dr Chip’s 30 minute YouTube Live lessons at 10am each Wednesday