What local schools are we missing?

What local schools are we missing?

12 Nov 2019

Curiosity Connections is working with Future Quest (who run a higher education outreach programme) to find out what schools are accessing science outreach, and crucially, which schools are getting missed!


So this is a call out to all of the science communicators and organisations in the region – we want to draw a heat map of science outreach, and need some data from you to do that.

Once compiled, the heat map will be made available to all contributors.

Here’s what we need from you

At it’s simplest, we need details on which schools are accessing what (i.e. what activities). This includes primary and secondary schools in the Bristol, Gloucestor, Somerset, South Wales and Bath region.

Please email this information to: Hannah Tebbutt at Future Quest Hannah2.Tebbutt@uwe.ac.uk and tag Curiosity in as well: curiosityconnections@uwe.ac.uk

That’s the essentials for what we need to make this heat map, but if possible, and you’re feeling super helpful, please also include details about:

  • age group addressed (or whether you’ve seen teachers)
  • any particular student groups you’ve seen e.g. FSM, SEND, EAL etc
  • and whether your organisation have any particular targets for types of schools, areas of Bristol etc.

Hopefully we’ll have some nice juicy data to share with you all in 2020, which should help each of us to target those schools missing out on our wonderful outreach.