Boosting knowledge on electricity and robotics

Boosting knowledge on electricity and robotics

13 Nov 2019

Wednesday 6th November was the first event in our new talk series – Curiosity Connections Primary Science Knowledge Boosters – “The what, why and how of…Electricity and Robotics”.

Jonathan Winfield and Pavlina Theodosiou from Bristol Bioenergy Centre at UWE Bristol, spoke about pee-powered batteries! They designed these microbial fuel cells with bacteria that release electrons when fed with urine.

The academics then went on to explain how the microbial fuel cell they take into schools works (no urine used here though – that would be too smelly!) and how it helps children to understand electric currents.

Next up was Year 6 teacher at Ashton Gate School, and overall teaching legend, Charlotte Thomas. She reminded us to keep the big ideas of science in mind at all times and described some great cross-curricula ideas to help put those ideas in context. She finished with explaining the practical elements of a cardboard robotic challenge she sets students in her class.

We’re planning more Curiosity Boosters for next year, so if you’ve got a particular tough topic you’d like us to tackle, please let us know via email:

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Special thanks to Engine Shed for hosting us!