DETI Inspire Engages Kids with Engineering at South Gloucestershire Libraries

DETI Inspire Engages Kids with Engineering at South Gloucestershire Libraries

4 Jan 2023

During November, the DETI Inspire team at UWE Bristol headed into 11 different South Gloucestershire libraries to deliver engineering career workshops to local school groups. This was part of a scheme to help encourage local children to get more use out of their libraries.

The team took along local STEM Ambassadors and Student helpers from UWE’s School of Engineering, to discuss their engineering work and inspire the children with their engineering journeys. The Year 6 students attending then flooded the engineers with questions and discovered that engineering could be something for them.

“I think the workshop had great energy and will definitely get the children thinking about engineering, which in turn will get them reading and researching in books and online.” Teacher feedback.

The ‘Engineering Curiosity’ workshop included using a card pack featuring 52 real West of England-based engineers for the children to explore. This showcased not just the range of different engineering careers, but also the diversity in the engineers’ ethnic backgrounds and routes into engineering. The accompanying TikTok videos also helped to break down commonly-held misconceptions about engineering.

Young people often believe that engineering isn’t for them because they view the profession as only for experts in maths and science or for those who are always covered in oil underneath cars – Engineering Curiosity seeks to highlight the crucial engineering skills of creativity, communication and problem-solving.

More teacher feedback:

“An engaging event. Fun, clear presenters. Good use of resources which encouraged the children to read more about different types of engineering jobs. Lots of good knowledge to draw on and changed many perceptions of an engineer’s job/profile.”      

“Very engaging and kept the children focussed. Learning about new engineers work and what they learn about – education, apprenticeships and universities. The event may help children learn more about other engineers and what their work involves.”

In total, the library sessions reached 325 Year 6 students from 11 different local schools. It was great to collaborate with the South Gloucestershire Library team to see more local pupils and encourage those children to use their libraries.

To learn more about the work of the DETI Inspire team, and book similar STEM engagement outreach for your school or organisation (including the Engineering Curiosity workshops), please contact or visit to read about the workshops available.