Local Schools Take on Sustainable Transport Challenge

Local Schools Take on Sustainable Transport Challenge

14 Jun 2022

On 23rd May, 97 local pupils from Years 5 – 9 visited UWE Bristol to share their solutions to the ‘Sustainable Transport Challenge’. The groups were challenged to invent a sustainable vehicle to go on a significant journey of their choice – inspired by the all female rowing group – the Bristol Gulls who rowed across the Atlantic in an Eco Ocean rowing boat built to have minimal impact on the environment.

Eco Journeys

The children showed off detailed models of their vehicles and articulated how their journey could be achieved with as minimal waste as possible. Before checking out how other teams went about designing a sustainable fuel system and planning the logistics of a journey.

Then, the children had the opportunity to listen to their inspiration – Sarah Hunt from the Bristol Gulls team. This was particularly popular with the children as they could see a real-life example of what they designed themselves, ask plenty of questions, and watch their teachers try the dehydrated curry and rice pudding enjoyed by the Gulls during their 47-day journey!

Sustainable explorations

A host of other activities were then put on for the children, including:

  • an immersive mobile-planetarium show, “We Make Our Future” all about how to engineer a more sustainable future (this was delivered by Explorer Dome who co-created the show with the Digital Engineering Technology and Innovation (DETI) Inspire team at UWE Bristol)
  • a Minecraft sustainable transport challenge led by the DETI Inspire team – tasking students to digitally engineer new ways to cross the Bristol Harbour in a scale recreation of the S.S. Great Britain area
  • a sustainability tour of the award-winning Engineering building and UWE Bristol grounds

The Challenge was spearheaded by Graphic Science, who partnered with UWE Bristol to host the celebration day. Check out some photos of the day below.