Our City Our Future: 6-Week STEAM Eco Club Challenge

Our City Our Future: 6-Week STEAM Eco Club Challenge

8 Oct 2020

To celebrate Clean Air Day this October 8th, the wonderful people at ClairCity have produced a six-week STEAM Eco Club Challenge for primary educators to take action with their students, and tackle the real-world problem of air pollution.

As an educator you are acutely aware that not only are young people our future, they are also one of the groups that are most at risk from air pollution and climate change. This new resource is designed to help you inspire young people into action so we can all benefit from a future with clean air!

Over the course of 6 weeks you’ll learn about the issues, investigate how these issues affect young people locally, debate the solutions, and act creatively to take forward ideas. The challenge culminates with a celebration, giving young people the opportunity to share their ideas with influential adults and their peers, and each child is awarded a certificate of attendance.

You can find the full resource pack Our City Our Future in our STEM Club section, including a Teacher’s guide, PowerPoint slides for hosting the sessions each week, and all accompanying resources needed to deliver your STEAM Eco challenge successfully.

This resource pack emerged from ClairCity, a EU Horizon 2020 project that sought to put citizens at the heart of decision making around air pollution and the climate emergency. The project directly engaged more than 3,500 young people during the engagement process, with hundreds of thousands so far reached online and through its downloadable schools resources.

The STEAM Eco Club Challenge is available for all cities involved in the ClairCity project, with a special Bristol edition. UWE-Bristol’s Science Communication Unit (SCU), who designed these packs, thought it made sense to influence their city. Bristol was one of the six cities included in the project; the others were Amsterdam, the Aveiro Region, the Liguria Region, Ljubljana and Sosnowiec.

The ClairCity project has now finished but work continues at UWE-Bristol to address these issues together with citizens. A new project, WeCount, is being led by members of the SCU team alongside the Air Quality Resource Management Unit and international colleagues.