Introducing Young Climate Warriors

Introducing Young Climate Warriors

2 Feb 2022

Young Climate Warriors.  Take positive action, be part of a carbon-busting virtual team and inspire hope for the future. 

Nearly 3/4s of children say they are worried about the state of the planet – 22% say they are very worried (BBC Newsround survey).

Young Climate Warriors provides fun, age-appropriate weekly challenges, that help children tackle climate change. Inspiring them to feel engaged, informed and empowered. Weekly carbon-busting activities make it satisfying to be part of the change; warding off eco-anxiety with positive action.  Creative, imaginative holiday challenges encourage a curiosity and love of nature, which in turn aims to foster an increased awareness and care for the health of our planet.

It’s real, it’s local, it’s immediate and it’s relevant. It’s not crusty grown-ups and politicians talking around a nebulous concept. It helps to connect the dots between the reality of climate change and what we do, and can do better in our day to day lives.

Fleur Wells (Teacher and Young Climate Warriors Trustee)

Young Climate Warriors is a contributing partner to the UN Climate Conference ‘COP26 Schools pack’ – ‘Our Climate Our Future’, curated by WWF and produced by Twinkl. These comprehensive resources include details of how to run a Mini Climate Summit and a Climate Action workshop, and the Forest of Promises campaign enables children to directly participate in COP26. 

A weekly ‘Schools pack’ is sent to over 150 schools, alongside the popular ready-to-use ‘Climate Change Club in a Box’.  Each week a different climate change-related topic is supported with free, simple, well-researched, easy-to-share, thought-provoking materials, including curated links to video clips.  By undertaking the same challenge in the same week, pupils and their families are working together as a ‘virtual’ team tackling climate change.

In order to meet UK carbon emissions targets 62% of future reductions require individuals to change their behaviour.  (UK Committee on Climate Change – Net Zero)

Tackling climate change and cutting carbon emissions has never been higher up our public agenda. Behaviour changes will be required. Schools are uniquely placed to help our young people and their communities be part of the change.  Children need an opportunity to take positive action.

Quotes from some teachers who are already using Young Climate Warriors resources

“The Young Climate Warriors is a creative, engaging, relevant and targeted way to get children excited and involved in climate change. I love the way that the challenges are presented each week in a clear and easy to use format. It means that we are always ready to go for the week ahead.”

Helen France, Aston-Rowant Primary School

“The slides are great for discussion and the teachers’ notes really easy to follow.(Climate Change Club in a Box)”

Charlotte Gibbon, Rupert House, Henley

“Great for presenting the issues to pupils and parents without information overload.”

Kate Hampshire, Wimbledon Chase Primary School

“Thank you for the super resource that is Climate Change in a box.  I run the Eco Club at our school and the resource fits the bill perfectly.  We are working this session with older pupils and it has stimulated some brilliant discussions.”

Sara Wilken, George Heriot’s School, Edinburgh

Some quotes from children who are already active Young Climate Warriors

“My favourite challenge was the beans and pulses one – it encouraged me to try something new.”

Year 6, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Henley

“I love Young Climate Warriors because when I’m doing the challenges I always end up laughing and having fun!”

Year 5, Godstowe School, High Wycombe

“Challenge Completed – I made sure I ate all my food and we used all the manky fruit to put in a smoothie.”

Year 4, Wimbledon Chase Primary School

“I like being a part of Young Climate Warriors because I get to take part in challenges with other people and save the environment.”

Year 6, The Westgate School, Winchester

“I love being a Young Climate Warrior because it saves our planet and helps other people be more aware.”

Year 4, Ursuline Prep School, Wimbledon

About Young Climate Warriors

Young Climate Warriors is a registered charity, founded in February 2019 by Katrina Judge (Oxford University, Environmental Change Institute alumna). The initiative is free for schools and families. Young Climate Warriors is a member of The Climate Coalition; a showcased programme with Transform our World; a community hub partner with Count Us In; and supports Teach the Future, and the Let’s Go Zero initiatives.  

Link to the COP26 ‘Our Climate, Our Future’ resources

Details of the ‘Climate Change Club in a Box’

Examples of past challenges

Impact Statement

Teachers can sign up to receive the weekly schools pack here