Launch of Avon Schools Primary Eco-Network

Launch of Avon Schools Primary Eco-Network

27 Oct 2022

For the past two years there has been an Avon Schools Eco-Network (ASEN) in local secondary schools, and finally on 13th October the ASEN launched a brand new Bristol based Primary network.


The goal of these Eco-Networks is to work together as a diverse team across schools, influencing greater regional change as a group than could be achieved individually.

How does it work?

The network is free for state schools to take part in and involves teachers from participating schools bringing their Eco-clubs along to local meetings – which will be happening in different areas of Bristol each month to enable schools from across the city to meet together.

At these meetings they’ll be various workshops to improve the pupils skills (aka leadership & teamworking), along with hands-on activities and discussion sessions planning the networks’ activities. Art, science and strategy are included in each session and children are expected to gain important life skills alongside battling eco-anxiety.

The launch

The network officially launched at the Create Centre, Bedminster on 13th October with three local schools – Bristol Steiner School, Hotwells Primary and Holy Cross School arriving on foot.

The network was opened with a short presentation from ASEN Chair, Tom Walmsley and a member of the secondary school network, Gracie. Gracie introduced the idea of an Eco-network and how it provides the power to create change. And Tom spoke about how to approach sustainability challenges with a positive attitude that avoids eco-anxiety.

The Eco-clubs then rotated through a few activities – a short film festival, exploration of a nature collection (including Tom’s kestrel), and brain-stormed ways to take local actions (displayed on posters).

The launch was sponsored by the Shine Community Project and supported by the DETI Inspire Sustainability Team and a local Green Party councillor.

What’s next?

The Primary network is expanding, with more events at different locations across Bristol planned from February onwards. This will include an event for SEN pupils.

And in January any primary school can enter the ASEN Eco-Quiz with the highest scoring class getting a free visit from ASEN chair, Tom, and his amazing kestrel, Sandy! The receive the quiz – sign up to the ASEN newsletter by emailing

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