A whole universe of space careers!

A whole universe of space careers!

28 Apr 2020

Space careers aren’t just limited to the lucky and determined few who make it as astronauts – the space sector is bustling with careers – requiring a huge variety of skills.

Like computer skills – for a Satellite Programmer!

And it’s not all about looking up into our mind-boogling universe, a lot of space science is actually all about understanding our beautiful and fragile planet. For instance you could be a Earth Observation Scientist or Cloud Observer!

Many space careers are highlighted on the Space Awareness website, along with video interviews, some space-y webinars and even some educational activties on various topics – solar eclipes, sun dials, light refraction and more.

See the below example interview with an Astrobiologist!

Space topics are great fun to cover with your class, so have a go at using these resources, and open up the whole universe of possibilities to your children!

Our Space Our Future, also have some links to inspirational TED talks on space, and some that answer intriguing questions like, “how far do you have to go to escape gravity?” and “could the earth be swallowed by a black hole?”

And, excitingly, local science presenter experts, Explorer Dome, are partnering with Our Space Our Future to deliver a FREE space education programme in selected Bristol schools…we’ll let you know more about the project in the coming months!