How to do socially distanced children’s practicals?

How to do socially distanced children’s practicals?

10 Jul 2020

The Primary Science Teaching Trust are another organisation who’s really pulled out the stops to provide COVID-19 support.

They’ve got three ways they’re helping teachers during this socially distanced time:

  • Science for One – ideas for practical science whilst social distancing in school
    • each practical is based around one easy to obtain material – like cardboard boxes or foil
    • children may be working independently but there is plenty of opportunity for group discusssion and follow up ideas
    • suggestions are provided for three age ranges


  • Science Fun at Home – clear activities using household resources
    • there are 13 resources up so far, and more being added every Wednesday
    • but it’s not just these activities, PSTT have “Engineering our World” challenge sheets based on famous scientists, “Challenge Chaser” and “Earth Explorer” worksheet based activities to be deployed


  • Science at Work – videos that introduce children to scientists
    • past scientists (played by an actor) and present-day scientists, answer questions submitted by children
    • and there’s activity sheets accompanying each video


New “Science for One” ideas will be posted every Thursday and “Science Fun at Home” suggestions appear every Wednesday. You can get these worksheets delivered to your inbox if you sign up to the PSTT mailing list (sign up found on the bottom right of each PSTT webpage).