Network with other Primary Science Subject Leaders

Network with other Primary Science Subject Leaders

12 Jan 2023

A new Bristol & South Gloucestershire Network for Primary Science Subject Leaders was launched in December.

This network has been set up by the local Science Learning Partnership (SLP) and is managed by Adfecto – a charity based in Gloucester owned by head teachers –

Their goal is to connect as many science subject leaders in the area as possible by restarting local Subject Leader meetings.

If you’re a primary science subject lead and have any questions or want to find out more about the network meetings please contact  or 


Local meetings will enable science subject leaders (SLs) to collaborate with each other, sharing useful information and developing as leaders. The facilitated sessions with expert consultants will help identify priority issues in teaching, learning, and professional development.

The hope is that strengthening the informal inter-school network will assist with the development of schemes of learning to enhance the regional teaching of science.

Kick-off meeting

The free information meeting in December was led by Angela Marsh, Rachel Manning and Charlotte Thomas (all STEM Professional Development Leaders working for the local SLP) and looked at the 10 key issues of primary science research, the latest response to the Ofsted review, the CPD sessions that the SLPs are currently running and information about STEM Enthuse Partnerships. It also included a range of teaching strategies and resources for SLs to add to their ‘Primary Science Toolkits’ such as Explorify and the use of fiction stories as a stimulus for teaching forces (KS2) and materials (KS1).

All the SLs that attended have created STEM accounts which has allowed them access to a wealth of resources, and the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Primary Science Network also has a dedicated ‘STEM My Learning’ online portal where SLs can access the resources from the sessions and share ideas with each other between sessions.

Invitation to the Spring Meeting

The next session will be Face-to-face on Wednesday 8th February 1.00 – 3.15pm at the Cabot Learning Federation.

You do not need to have attended the Autumn Session to join this Spring Session.

Follow this link to book – you’ll need to create a STEM account before being able to complete the booking. The price for the afternoon sessions is £40 for state funded schools (£80 for fee-paying school/independent).


  • Continue to develop the Primary Science SL Toolkit by inspecting ‘Explorify’ resources and trying out practical investigations to take back into school linked to fiction stories for KS1 and KS2.
  • A session on taking science out into the wider community/using the local area (for all phases). This will include ideas and a chance for the SLs to share and magpie ideas for successful trips within the group.
  • Advice will also be given on how to apply for a STEM Ambassador to work with your school.

More info on who is leading the SLP Primary Science Networks?

Angela Marsh is an experienced Science Subject Leader who is a Primary Science Quality Mark Local Hub Leader, a STEM Professional Development Leader and is also currently advising the local Science Learning Partnership on developing Primary Science across Gloucestershire, Bristol, Swindon & Wiltshire.  With experience of SLT, assessment and a qualified NASENCO she regularly leads primary science CPD for science SLs.

Charlotte Thomas is an experienced Science Subject Lead based in Bristol, is a Primary Science Quality Mark Hub Leader for Bristol, advises the local primary science network – Curiosity Connections, and is also a STEM Professional Development Leader. 

Rachel Manning is an experienced Primary Science Subject Lead based in Bristol, has a secondary science background and is also a STEM Professional Development Leader.