STEM through storytelling

STEM through storytelling

17 Jan 2022

STEM Ambassadors are being trained into super storytellers – all ready to come into your school and show your class that science is for everyone.

The real-life scientists will be armed with stereotype-busting books – showing women, people from BAME backgrounds and people with neurodiversity – doing fun science-y stuff.

They’ll share these engaging stories with your class, as well as their own unique journeys into STEM, and the inside scoop on their jobs.

You could even get your class to ask them that tricky science question you’ve been struggling to get them to understand!

Literacy ✓                  STEM careers ✓                    Science ✓

It’s ticking lots of curriculum boxes, and if you’d like us to find a story/STEM ambassador to fit in with any particular topic, theme or activity your running/will be running with your class – we’re happy to help!

Teachers can register their interest here: and let us know if there are any specific dates you really want us for….it’d be a great one for British Science Week (11-20th March).

Curious Stories for Curious Children

This isn’t the first time we’ve thrown books and STEM ambassadors together under the eyes of curious children – the team at UWE Bristol organised 11 events across the city during the October 2019 half-term’s Storytale Festival.

Nearly 300 children and adults came along to the Clifton suspension bridge, Aerospace Bristol, local libraries and more. They loved hearing the stories, both from the books and the STEM Ambassadors themselves, and it prompted LOTS of questions. Safe to say it sparked their curiosity.

And now we get to bring these inspiring people and books into schools!

Did I mention you should sign up?

The stereotype challenging library

The books STEM Ambassadors will bring into schools are all from a list specially selected to change perceptions of what science is and who scientists are.

You can check out that list here. But you can also physically check out some of the books on the list from our new lending library at UWE Bristol.

We’re growing our collection of these books to form a library for local schools to use. So, if you feel inspired by this model of reading to inspire children in science and want one of these books to read to your class yourself, or perhaps one of our class sets of books for the entire class to follow along with – please do get in touch!

If you email me on – I’ll find the right books for you and arrange for a delivery to your school.