We Make Our Future

We Make Our Future

21 Oct 2021

We Make Our Future is a new interactive, educational & entertaining science show for the next generation of engineers!

Full-dome digital projections allow us to visit engineering marvels from history and explore the pros and cons of modern life. Industry, technology and invention have progressed civilisation, but at what cost? Get to know how the Engineering Design Process and application of digital technology can make the world a better place for us all.

This new experience celebrates the ingenuity of human engineering, addresses current issues around climate change, and introduces engineering as a relevant and attainable aspiration for all young people.

We Make Our Future is a presenter-led experience which can be delivered inside Explorer Dome (inflatable planetarium) in schools, and is suitable for the whole of KS2.

Thanks to funding from the DETI project, there are free shows available for schools in the West of England. Contact us to see if your school meets the eligibility criteria.

This show has been designed with planetarium experts Explorer Dome, and is part of the Inspire educational work from the Digital Engineering Technology and Innovation (DETI) team at UWE Bristol. For more Inspire STEM workshops download the brochure below.